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Dr. Nathaniel Chappelle,

Driven to have a career with purpose, Dr. Nathaniel Chappelle approaches his patient care with a focus on partnership. He works individually with each of his patients to determine care solutions that work best for them and that ultimately improve their overall quality of health.

“I was attracted to healthcare because it was a way to be inherently useful for society and to help people live better lives,” he said. “These days, I spend my time helping people navigate the complex realities of illnesses and supporting them in their times of need. I can act as a guide for these individuals and their families while they navigate the emotional tolls of living and dying from serious illnesses.”

Dr. Chappelle studied medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine in 2013. He completed his residency in Duluth, Minn., in a program focused on rural medicine — something he had been interested in since the end of medical school.

Dr. Chappelle went on to work in his home state of South Dakota before moving back to the Front Range, where he traveled as a doctor for a locum tenens agency. The job allowed him to travel to emergency rooms across the entire eastern Colorado region. In that time, he grew especially fond of the Haxtun community.


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