Haxtun Health has a rich history of providing quality medical care to the community of Haxtun, Colorado.

Our Mission

We promote optimum wellness through compassionate and high-quality care.



Who Haxtun Health is Today:

Currently, Haxtun Hospital District operates under the DBA of Haxtun Health. As community healthcare has drastically evolved over the years, Haxtun Health strives to remain connected and relevant to community needs. Haxtun Health provides care in our 25-bed Critical Access Hospital and Primary Care Clinics, which includes long-term care, rehabilitation and specialty care.

Where We Started:
The Haxtun Community Hospital opened March 1938 on the second floor of the Drake Mercantile building built in 1913. It was operated by two registered nurses, one from Knoxville, Tenn., and on the other from Ord, Neb.

The building, located on the corner of Colorado Ave. and Fletcher St., remains a landmark for the town of Haxtun still today.

Formation and Local Support of the District:
On April 22, 1960, petitions containing a total of 575 signatures were filed with the Phillips County Clerk and Recorder supporting the formation of the Haxtun Hospital District. The Clerk certified that within the boundaries of the proposed district, there were 858 registered voters. This proved the petition was signed by no less than 50 percent of registered voters; therefore, meeting the established requirement.

On July 25, 1960, the formation of the proposed Haxtun Hospital District was presented to Phillips County District Court. After confirmation that all requirements had been met by petitioners, the Haxtun Hospital District was organized as a corporate body pursuant to Colorado Session Laws of 1959, Chapter 179.

Haxtun Hospital District operated in the Drake Mercantile building until voters overwhelmingly passed a $400,000 bond question for the construction of a new hospital. The District came back to the voters in 1986, 1990, 1992, 2004 and 2008, seeking help to expand the facility or asking for support to keep it open. The voters said “yes” each time. In 1965, the Hospital moved into its new building at 235 West Fletcher St., where it is currently located.

In 1990, a two-story addition was built on the west side of the Hospital, designed to physically connect the two buildings. This allowed for additional nursing home rooms on the main floor, independent senior living on the second floor, laundry, purchasing, facilities and a classroom in the basement.

In 2012, government regulations forced the closure of the second-floor independent living and the space was converted into business offices and housing for visiting providers and nursing staff.

Outpatient Rehabilitation:
HHD purchased a building that originally housed kindergarten classes for Haxtun Schools in 1964, and it was also the original home for the Haxtun Family Medicine Center. The building is now the Haxtun Health Rehabilitation Department.

Haxtun Health Clinic:
The Haxtun Health Clinic, formerly the Haxtun Family Medicine Center, moved to a new building on the northeast corner of the campus at 233 West Strohm St. in 1972, where is it currently located.

Haxtun Health Fleming Clinic:
The Haxtun Health Fleming Clinic, formerly the Fleming Family Health Center, was purchased in 2014 in order to expand local care to the community of Fleming. In 2019, HHD received a grant from the Colorado Health Foundation and the Department of Local Affairs to renovate the building to a modernized healthcare facility with the intent to offer both primary and specialty care for all ages. Construction is slated to begin in late 2020.

Haxtun Health

235 W. Fletcher, Haxtun, CO 80731
Phone: 970-774-6123