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Emergency Services 
235 W. Fletcher St., Haxtun, CO 80731

Please immediately dial 911 for all emergencies

An Emergency Department in Haxtun You Can Trust

Haxtun Health’s Emergency Department is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our dedicated and highly trained medical staff are prepared to treat and stabilize you or a family member. Our team includes dedicated medical doctors, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and radiology and laboratory professionals. Designated as a level 4 Trauma Center, Haxtun Health has the ability to treat patients, give advanced trauma life support, evaluate and stabilize patients and provide diagnostic services.

With nearly no waiting times in our Emergency Department, Haxtun Health is equipped to meet the needs of patients’ injuries and transfer them to a higher-level trauma center when necessary.

Emergency Medical Services

The Haxtun Health EMS team is on standby for the moments when you can’t get to us. Transfers to Haxtun Health for emergency services occurs by ambulance, and transfers to higher levels of care are transported by air or ambulance.

Ambulance Transportation:
Haxtun Health owns and operates three ambulance vehicles for emergency calls, transfers to higher levels of care or transporting patients to our facility to recover in our Rehabilitation Swing Bed Program.

Our EMS team consists of trained and certified:

  • EMS Drivers
  • Emergency Medical Technicians
  • Paramedics

Air Transportation:
For patients needing more urgent transfers to higher levels of care, Haxtun Health works closely with the nearest available air flight care team. Flight response times to our air facility are extremely fast. Haxtun Health’s team of emergency professionals make sure you have everything you need as you are transferred out so you can focus on your recovery.

Let’s Talk About Emergency Transportation Services Insurance:

Many families who live in rural areas of the country can benefit from purchasing a separate emergency transportation service insurance. When crisis hits, families need to focus on stabilization and recovery, not financial concerns.

Emergency Transportation Insurance can eliminate the stress of financial burden of medical transportation bills. It’s important for families to check if their medical insurance or emergency transportation insurance covers both AIR and GROUND transportation, no matter the “brand name” of the vehicle.