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Community healthcare for Haxtun, Colorado began 82 years ago with the opening of the Haxtun Community Hospital.  Through the years, the local healthcare system has morphed and changed to adapt to community health needs, maintaining its roots, and building upon the solid foundation of where it started. Effective Sept. 3, Haxtun Hospital District has adopted the name “Haxtun Health” to better represent the growth of the healthcare organization and breadth of services it offers.

Though its official legal name will remain Haxtun Hospital District, Haxtun Health is a brand name that is more reflective of the full-service care the organization provides. No longer just a hospital that treats patients after they are already hurt or ill, Haxtun Health has evolved to also provide preventative care services that focus on the whole patient while they’re still healthy.

“Patients can expect no change in the quality or efficacy of their care, but they can expect to see Haxtun Health as the organization’s name and see related branding moving forward,” stated Julia Biesemeier, Director of Marketing at Haxtun Health.

The newly adopted name is also more reflective of the organization’s community engagement activities like the annual girl’s night out event, health fair and support of injury prevention programs like bicycle safety put on by the Haxtun Police Department.

“Your community healthcare provider is so much more than just a hospital,” said Dewane Pace, Chief Executive Officer of Haxtun Health. “We are your partner in improving your life. We are a hospital, a clinic, a pharmacy, an emergency department, an ambulance service, and as such, our name does not reflect all that we are. We have grown and improved and are now Haxtun Health — still your hospital and more.”

Haxtun Health offers a variety of high-quality, personalized healthcare services to the community, including lab, radiology, emergency, pharmacy, specialty and rehabilitation services, as well as extended care and health management services. Providers are well-equipped to treat the whole patient from birth to end of life, being an active part of the patient’s healthcare in all stages.

“Our entire provider team wants to see each and every one of our community members reach and maintain their own optimal health,” said Dr. Ben Stephenson, Chief of Staff at Haxtun Health.  “We want to help restore patients to good health, but we also want to see patients to help them prevent disease and feel good about their overall health.  We have so much to offer outside of just being a hospital.  The name Haxtun Health really helps define where we are and where we are going in the future.”

Haxtun Health has recently revamped its line-up of physical therapy services that vary in therapeutic and rehabilitative benefits. The Haxtun Health laboratory has recently upgraded to new equipment that allows for more on-demand testing and results.  A new website, is being launched that will continually update the community on new and exciting changes happening at Haxtun Health.  The healthcare organization continues to develop and adapt to the needs of the community.

“We at Haxtun Hospital District have asked our community and those we serve what they need and what they want us to be and have made several changes; new services, new providers, campus improvements and more,” Pace said. “We are excited about the future and believe that Haxtun Health better defines the positive course we have embraced. Haxtun Health is your healthcare partner, committed to improving your life.”

Haxtun Health is a 25-bed Critical Access Hospital with 20 beds designated for extended care and five for hospital and acute care. Its mission is to improve the quality of life for those it serves. The facility opened its doors in 1938 and has grown to offer a variety of services in its hospital and clinics, located in Haxtun and Fleming.

For more information, visit or call 970-774-6123.