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What is the DO Difference?

A Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, or DO, are fully licensed physicians who practice in all areas of medicine. DOs use a unique whole-person approach to help prevent illness and injury. Osteopathic medicine is a patient-focused approach to health care that takes every aspect of the patient, including their physical, personal, and spiritual health into consideration. Applying a whole-person tactic to treatment and care, DOs are trained to listen and connect with their patients to help them to get healthy and stay healthy long-term.

Primary care continues to be a strong focus for the osteopathic profession, DOs practice in all medical specialties. All through medical school, they receive specific training in the musculoskeletal system, your body’s interlocked system of nerves, muscles, and bones. By fusing this knowledge with the most up-to-date innovations in medical technology, they offer patients the most well-rounded care obtainable in medicine.

Today, more than 120,000 DOs are practicing their distinct philosophy of medicine throughout the United States. Approximately 25% of medical students are enrolled in colleges of osteopathic medicine. This is one of the fastest-growing factions in the health care community.

DOs focus on prevention and being proactive, looking into how a patient’s way of life and environment can influence their wellbeing. A Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine aims to aid their patients in being genuinely healthy in mind, body, and spirit – not just free of symptoms.

Osteopathic Manipulation Treatment (OMT)

Osteopathic physicians understand that every person exhibits health and disease differently and the absence of disease does not necessarily imply the presence of health. These physicians are trained to notice shifts in body structure that alter function which may attribute to health issues. In addition to treating medical conditions with pills and surgery, DOs are specifically trained in osteopathic manipulation treatment (OMT). OMT is the application of manual techniques by a DO to focus on the changes in body structure to enhance physiologic function. These techniques can range from mild palpation to high-pressure, forceful manipulation.

Who Can Benefit From OMT?

People of all ages will benefit from osteopathic manipulative treatment. Applying this method to the muscles, joints, and other tissues allows the body to reach a higher degree of health more quickly. OMT can be helpful to many different conditions stretching from headache treatments to lower back pain.

Trevin Cardon, DO


Andrea Lewis, DO


Origin of Osteopathic Medicine

Andrew Taylor Still, MD, DO, developed osteopathic medicine more than 130 years ago, bringing a distinct point of view to traditional patient care. Still’s philosophy stemmed from the idea that the body’s wellbeing is more than just the sum of its parts. DOs help the patient connect with their body’s nerves, muscles, bones, and organs to recognize the correlation between each sector and the impact each system has on their overall health.

Haxtun Health’s DOs

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