CDC & CDPHE Approved Pfizer Booster Shot


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Following the CDC’s approval of the Pfizer booster, Haxtun Health has received approval from CDPHE to begin administering booster vaccines for Pfizer recipients.  Haxtun Health will be holding a Pfizer Booster Vaccination Clinic on Thursday, September 30, 2021 at the Haxtun Health Specialty Clinic located in the main hospital.  To schedule a booster appointment, please call the Haxtun Health Clinic at 970-774-6187.   Pfizer booster vaccinations are available only to those who have received Pfizer as their initial dose.  The boosters are available to anyone 65 years and older or anyone with an underlying medical condition.  They are also available to those who feel they work in a high-risk occupation.

Haxtun Health will also be offering initial COVID 19 vaccinations on Thursday September 30, 2021.  Both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines will be available on this date.  Please call the Haxtun Health clinic at 970-774-6187 to schedule an appointment time.