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Becky Workman
with husband, Todd

Rushed to the Front Range
On a Saturday in March, Becky Workman’s life unexpectedly changed.

She spent the day out with her family celebrating her husband’s birthday. As evening arrived, she felt sick and unwell. Hours later, her legs were unrecognizably swollen. Afraid and concerned, her husband drove her to the Emergency Room, where providers couldn’t find a pulse in her legs.

Rushed to Greeley for emergency surgery, Workman’s family was told she would lose both of her legs. Her surgery was successful, and doctors saved her legs; however, the next month of recovery tested her strength and patience.

Workman spent 20 days alone in the Greeley hospital — only medical staff could enter her room. She felt isolated and missed her family. As her brain and body function improved, Workman was ready to go home to Haxtun.

Recovering close to Home
She no longer needed hospital bed care, but wasn’t comfortable finishing her recovery at home. Fortunately, she qualified for care in Haxtun Health’s Swing Bed Program. Workman spent her last nine days of recovery under the care of Haxtun Health staff, where she met with doctors, nurses, an occupational therapist and a physical therapist.

“I knew I needed to be closer to home in Haxtun to fully recover,” Workman said. “When I arrived, they had a welcome package ready for me and one of my friends wrote kind messages all over the whiteboard in my room. I cried because of how heartfelt it all was.”

At Haxtun, Workman could go for outdoor walks and see her children, husband, and dogs. She developed close personal relationships with staff and never felt like “just another patient.” Impressed by her care team, Workman trusted they had her best interests at top of mind.

“Everyone who came into my room was caring for me as if I was their family member — mom, daughter, or sister,” she said. “Haxtun Health’s staff is held to a high standard for patients, and it shows.”

Swing Bed Services

The Swing Bed Rehabilitation program provides a stable, therapeutic environment where patients can recover between hospital and home with the guidance and help of doctors, nurses, and rehab specialists.
For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 970-774-6123, contact Swing Bed Director McKenzie Fleharty at or go to

Going Home
Once Workman was ready to go home, Haxtun Health staff made the transition simple and seamless. Although she has nerve damage in her arms and legs, she is back to walking, jogging, and biking. She is thankful to be alive.

Now, Workman is a passionate advocate for the Swing Bed Program and its positive impact on local patients and their families.

“I am so grateful that Swing Bed was an option for me,” she said. “Had I been left alone in Greeley, I’m not sure I would’ve pushed as hard or as quickly to get better. We all want to be with our loved ones when they are recovering in the hospital, and this program makes sure they aren’t recovering too far away. More people need to know about this program. It’s the perfect transition to ensuring you’re strong enough to go home.”


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