A Letter from our CEO

Winter 2022


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Haxtun Health wants to be your partner for a better and healthier life.

Everything we do is done with that purpose in mind. We are on a journey to be the best health care provider and have made significant progress over the past few months to make it happen.

We have worked hard and been blessed with grant and federal funds to make improvements to our campus and clinics. Our brand-new clinic in Fleming is
now operating (the best clinic in Northeast Colorado). We are working hard on the original hospital building to replace the infrastructure and breathe new life into the existing building. The infrastructure project is a $4 million dollar project, funded by Grant Dollars from the Department of Local Affairs (DOLA). We are in the process of building a brand-new clinic on the main street in Haxtun. The funding for this endeavor has been from federal dollars we received. The foundation and basement are done. The steel is up. We are now looking at the final build out of walls, interiors, and making the clinic blend in with the existing buildings in downtown. We hope to open this new clinic sometime within the next 2 years. When completed the building will house a 5,000 sq. ft. Clinic, a Retail Pharmacy, a large Physical Therapy and wellness space, and even a small coffee shop in the corner of the lobby.

As excited as we are about all of this building we are equally as excited about our new Laboratory expansion and new Radiology equipment that has expanded both the complexity and volume of what we can provide for you right here in Haxtun.

And finally, the most exciting thing happening here is our Team. The Team here has not only weathered the storm of a pandemic but has pulled together in a truly remarkable way. The smiles, true-caring, and focus on you that is evident here makes this a great place to receive care. You really have to experience it to see and feel the difference of the Haxtun Way – Haxtun Strong!

Stay tuned as we grow and improve to be not only ‘The Best Hospital in Haxtun’ but your partner for a better and healthier life.

Thank you for choosing us for your care,

Dewane Pace, CEO


Haxtun Health is community healthcare, rooted in tradition and promotes optimum wellness through compassionate and high-quality care. We aim to be your expert source of information in the medical world.