The Woman Who Conquers Mountains & Injuries

Barbara Schanhals


Barb Schanhal, MA

Since September of 2001, a friendly face has worked at Haxtun Health. Now she is cutting back her hours in preparation for retirement, but her hard work and dedication haven’t gone unnoticed. Barbara Schanhals has worked as a certified nurse assistant (CNA), a limited scope x-ray operator, and a medical assistant (MA). She said the wide variety of medical needs in rural areas is what has kept her interested in medicine for so long.

“In larger cities, your MAs do one thing, but here in rural America, I can say hello to and help welcome babies into the world but also hold hands of those who need it when saying goodbye to someone and everything in-between,” Schanhals said. Something Schanhals loves about working at Haxtun is the ability to keep learning no matter what.

“For me, it was to work with providers that always took the time to teach and listen,” she said. “Being able to keep learning is the best part of my career. I have learned so much in working here.”

One memory Schanhals will never forget is when a young mom asked to watch her pregnancy test with her. “As it became positive, the look on her face was priceless,” she said. “It was an amazing moment. She jumped up and hugged me. It was so joyous.”

The memories don’t end with patients either. The team at Haxtun has also been a huge part of her life. When Schanhals got the call that her son, who had deployed, was coming home from Afghanistan, coworkers happy-danced with her. The Haxtun Health team has also helped her as a patient when Schanhals faced an intensive hip repair.

“I have the best reviews for our physical therapy (PT) department,” she said. “They just brought me back.”

Just six months after her hip procedure, she was able to get back out and do what she loves – hiking. But Schanhals said it wouldn’t be possible without the Haxtun Health PT team. “They have a great knowledge gain and help you get past your comfort zone into healing,” she said. “Our PT program is geared to help all of our patients, from young teens hurt from sports to 80- to 90-year-olds who need to continue to stay strong. It is a big variety of patients, and they do a rockin’ job!”

When she does fully retire, Schanhals says she will spend at least one day a week in the mountains with her husband and grandchildren hiking and that she might finally have time to utilize her craft room more.

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