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What is Direct Access Testing

Direct Access Testing (DAT) is patient-initiated testing that Haxtun Health performs without a physician’s order. With DAT testing, claims are not submitted to insurance, allowing Haxtun Health to offer the tests at discounted rates, cutting down the cost for the guest.

How it Works

1. Swing by the front registration desk at Haxtun Health to fill out the form and pay for the desired test(s)

2. You will be directed to the Laboratory where the phlebotomist will take a sample of your blood

3. Typically YOU will receive your results within 24 hours


You will have the option to either have Haxtun Health return your results directly to you or in addition to you receiving your results, you may also have us post your results in your Athena chart so you and your Haxtun Health provider can review the results together. YOU are in charge of your results!

Available Tests

Here at Haxtun Health, we offer a well-rounded menu of different tests that will give you and your physician insight into your health and well-being. Test results will provide clarity if your hormones and other biomarkers are balanced or if imbalances may be causing symptoms that are keeping you from feeling like yourself. 

You can view the full DAT menu below or download it here.

Download Menu
Give Us a Call

Together, we can get you back to feeling like yourself and thriving instead of just surviving. You shouldn’t settle for feeling ‘alright’ or ‘okay’. With the right help, you can feel your best and begin fulfilling your goals.

If your goal is to get back on a healthy path and you want to feel like yourself again, give us a call at 970-774-6123 to set up a time to visit the lab.