Haxtun, Fleming Clinics: Exciting Construction Updates for our Community

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Construction Projects at Haxtun and Fleming Locations

Haxtun Health is taking healthcare in northeastern Colorado to the next level with two new clinics currently underway in Haxtun and Fleming. The new construction projects will improve access to quality healthcare, expand appointment availability for patients and limit the need to travel to the Front Range for care.

“These projects are collaborative community efforts,” said Dewane Pace, Chief Executive Officer of Haxtun Health. “We want to bring care to the community so that the community doesn’t have to leave to receive care.”

Both new clinic buildings will feature modern equipment and medical technology and will allow for additional space for our growing service lines. The COVID-19 pandemic expedited this process, as both clinics will have upgraded ventilation systems and will provide the needed space for patients to be treated.

“When completed, we believe these will be the best places to receive care and wellness services in northeast Colorado,” Pace said.

Main Street Clinic: Haxtun
The new Main Street Clinic in Haxtun is in initial development stages and located in the space of the Old Smith Hardware building, which will be rebuilt with the history and architecture of downtown Haxtun in mind.

Demolition will begin in the next few months, Pace said, and if all goes according to plan, a grand opening is set for 2023. The new clinic will offer 10,000 square feet of space on the first floor and 7,000 square feet on floor two — quadrupling the size of Haxtun’s current clinic, which is 2,500 square feet.

Three large services will relocate to the new clinic — the Clinic, Physical Therapy and Wellness and Retail Pharmacy. These service lines constitute nearly 10,000 annual visits of foot traffic on the current Haxtun Health campus. The new building provides the hospital with future opportunities, as the current building is too small to meet the evolving needs of the community.

“This will be better for patients, better for the hospital campus and better for our community,” Pace said. “The Board, Town Council and community have been very supportive of our effort. We are doing everything possible to not incur debt or ask the community to pay for this new clinic, as we plan to utilize government and grant funds.”

Main Street Clinic: Fleming
Reconstruction of the Fleming Clinic is underway and is slated to open in the spring. The Fleming Clinic will open for patients five days a week and is three times larger than the old space.

“Haxtun Health aspires to be your partner for a healthier community,” Pace concluded. “We are the best hospital in Haxtun, and we look forward to also having the best clinic in Haxtun, Fleming and northeast Colorado. Stay tuned; there is more to come.”

Haxtun Health is Honored Recipient of Grant and CARES Relief Funding for Projects:

Haxtun Health Fleming Clinic Renovation
Funding provided by the Colorado Health Foundation and the Department of Local Affairs. This project is slated for completion in Spring 2021.

Haxtun Health Main Street Clinic
Funding provided by Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES). Haxtun Health continues to pursue private grant funding to assist with the project.

Main Campus Infrastructure Updates
The Department of Local Affairs is funding a major infrastructure update project to Haxtun Health’s main campus. This project provides much needed updates to the facility’s HVAC system, controls, lighting and roof. This project is slated to begin in 2021.