Haxtun Health Recertified for Level IV Trauma Designation


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On a snowy and icy day with multiple Motor Vehicle Crashes (MVCs) that resulted in a very busy Emergency Room at the Hospital, Haxtun Health was surveyed by the State of Colorado (Department of Public Health & Environment) CDPHE, the licensing and accrediting department, for Trauma Care. “It’s not everyday that our Emergency Rooms are this busy and what are the odds that we would host surveyors from the State at the same time?” said Jessie Cochran, Trauma Coordinator for Haxtun Health. In spite of the busy Emergency Room the survey went forward, and the hospital was received full accreditation as a Designated Level IV Trauma Center. During this onsite survey the team from the State reviewed processes, the facility, the staff, and reviewed all of the Trauma cases from the prior year.

The survey team praised the efforts of Jessie Cochran, Trauma Nurse Coordinator, Dr. Amy Seinfeld, Trauma Director and Director of Emergency Medical Services, and many others who worked so hard to show the State surveyors what a great organization Haxtun Hospital is and what a great job the hospital does taking care of not just trauma patients, but all patients.

The surveyors were impressed with the many upgrades to the facility and the community outreach by the team at Haxtun Health The lead surveyor commented, “You have a great team, and we are really glad to know that you are here for your community and provide such great care.” Dewane Pace, hospital CEO said, “We believe that Haxtun Health provides great care, and it is nice to have this validation of the quality of care we provide. While we have a lot of high-tech and advanced tools at the hospital, it is really the great Team that make us a great place to receive care.”

Jessie Cochran
Trauma Nurse Coordinator

Dr. Amy Seinfeld
Trauma Director and Director of Emergency Medical Services