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Old Smith Hardware

Haxtun, CO – 10/10/2020 –Staking a claim on Haxtun’s Historic Main Street, on September 18th, 2020, Haxtun Health, AKA, Haxtun Hospital District, purchased the Old Smith Hardware building located at 125 S Colorado Ave.  The opportunity for Haxtun Health to acquire property took place this past Summer and the Haxtun Hospital Board of Directors and Administration began to have conversations around the potential use of the building for Haxtun Health.

“We have seen significant growth in many of the services that we offer our community and are in need of more space. We also would like to help the Town of Haxtun by possibly opening another business on Main Street. What that business looks like and what it would be is still under discussion and we would like to solicit as many ideas and opinions as possible before proceeding with a planI am hopeful that all will see this as a positive for our community.”

 –Dewane Pace, Haxtun Health CEO

Community Healthcare, Rooted in Tradition has been a phrase heard around the Haxtun Health campus in the last few years.  Understanding the strong foundation in which the district was built and continually recognizing that we are a community healthcare organization, here to exceed the health and wellness needs of individuals, is important to us at Haxtun Health.  The purchase of this historic building is a symbol of our roots in this community, and we have a strong desire to solicit ideas from our community in regards to the future potential opportunity it presents.

We’d love your input on the potential future opportunities of our main street purchase! Take our short survey today!