Medical Assistant; Going Above & Beyond

Makalia Nelson


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Makalia Nelson, MA

Being awarded Employee of the Quarter at Haxtun Health is an esteemed honor. The people nominated produce high-quality work and exhibit commitment to quality and responsibility. Overall, these individuals are an asset to their department and the staff as a whole at Haxtun Health.

Makalia Nelson is a Medical Assistant (MA) at Haxtun and she is the most recent award winner. Her nomination was glowing. It talked about her willingness to always go the extra mile for patients and coworkers.

She has been known to pick up patients from their homes in order to get them to their appointments when they have no way to get there. She has even taken them back home after they receive their care. Makalia is the type of person who will volunteer to take on extra tasks — with a smile on her face — even when her plate is full.

Makalia was born and raised in North Idaho near Coeur d’Alene. After her husband accepted a job on a farm in Nebraska, she discovered that the state does not recognize Medical Assistants as a job description. Being close to the Colorado border, when she saw an opening at Haxtun Health, she applied and has now been with the Haxtun Health team for two years.

After growing up in a rural area and also working in a rural area, Makalia has seen the challenges for individuals in the community. She believes that everyone should have the same access to quality care. Makalia has been a MA for 12 years and has worked in several areas, including Pediatrics, Urgent Care, and Family Medicine.

“My favorite part of this job is learning something new every day and interacting with staff and patients daily,” she said. “At Haxtun, I love working with and learning from our great providers.”

Right now, she is currently in school to finish her Registered Nurse degree. She said she has always wanted to work in the healthcare field as a nurse.

“There is nowhere else I would rather be,” Makalia said. “I love working with the public and especially patient care.”

As an MA, her philosophy is to always put empathy first. She said that she always listens to the patient’s concerns and does the best for every patient, every day. Outside of work, she said she loves being outdoors.

“Whether we are traveling or trap shooting, the outdoors is my happy place,” she said. “I have been married to my husband, Bryon, for eight years, and I love spending time with him and my daughter Abby.”