New Technology at Haxtun Health:

Introducing the C-Arm


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Haxtun Health is happy to announce the addition of innovative equipment in the Radiology Department. The new Mobile Fluoroscopic System, also known as a C-Arm X-Ray Machine, is an extreme benefit to interventional pain patients, allowing our interventional radiologist to provide on-site procedures.

What is a C-Arm?
A C-Arm is a piece of radiology equipment comprised of an X-ray source and an image intensifier or flat panel detector that allows providers to see images in real-time. It can be used for orthopedic and surgical procedures. It got its name from being in the shape of the letter “C.”

The equipment uses radiation, much like a typical X-ray, but it displays a live image rather than a still shot. It is very beneficial for providers when placing needles and conducting barium swallow studies. While we don’t currently provide these procedures at Haxtun, it can also be used during total knee and hip replacements.

The C-Arm at Haxtun
Breyona Hill is the Director of Radiology and Materials Management at Haxtun Health. She is very excited to have the equipment on-site.

“Our interventional radiologist was limited at Haxtun because we didn’t have a C-Arm. Patients were having to travel to the Front Range to receive care,” she said. “Now that we have C-Arm, we are able to perform more procedures, allow other specialists to also use the equipment, and our patients have the convenience of not having to travel.”


The C-Arm received its name due to the “C” shape of the machine’s arm.

Images Captured by the C-Arm

The C-Arm is used to capture x-ray images and view veins in real-time to aid in surgical procedures.

All radiology technologists and any operating providers must obtain a certification in fluoroscopy to operate the C-Arm. Currently, at Haxtun, there is an interventional radiologist on-site once per month to perform procedures in which the C-Arm will be used.

Hill said she looks forward to serving patients
in numerous ways and hopes to expand current service line offerings now that there is access to this innovative technology.

Radiology and Imaging Services at Haxtun Health
Haxtun Health Radiology offers a full-service menu for a variety of imaging needs. Here, you will find our equipment is top of the line, and our professional radiology team offers caring service that’s supportive of each patient’s situation.

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