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Meet Jessie Cochran


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Jessie Cochran has worked in almost every area of nursing during her time at Haxtun Health.

Her goal as a nurse is to advocate for patients and their health goals. She meets them where they’re at and takes the time to understand their perspective so they can receive the best possible care. She ensures to calm any of their fears and serve as a source of comfort when they need her most.

“I always try to be in tune with what the patient is feeling emotionally as well as what they’re physically showing me,” Cochran said.

Now the nursing supervisor at Haxtun Health, Cochran wears several hats for the hospital. She tackles important managerial tasks while still offering her nursing expertise in the emergency room and on the floor. She also serves as our trauma nurse coordinator and prioritizes ongoing education for staff.

Her hardworking efforts and positive attitude are two of many reasons why Cochran was Haxtun Health’s most recent Employee of the Year.

Advocate for Healthy Living

Cochran started her career at Haxtun Health in 2013, assisting patients in the nursing home as a licensed practical nurse. She did that for 5 years while also getting her degree to become a registered nurse. After graduation, she worked as an RN until her recent promotion to nursing supervisor in August 2020.

“I absolutely love taking care of people and making them feel better,” Cochran said. “My end goal is to have them leave feeling better than they did when they came in.”

From a young age, Cochran knew she wanted to work in healthcare. Cochran found her sweet spot in nursing, which allows her to work with various people with a wide range of health conditions and goals. Passionate about promoting health, she finds herself motivated by working with others, whether optimizing the health of a baseline healthy patient or working hard to ensure a sick patient has the tools and support they need to get better.

Life at Home

Originally from New Hampshire, Cochran wound up in Fleming in 2009 because her husband, Cash, is a Fleming native and former traveling hockey player. Excited to start their lives together, they built a house in northeast Colorado and have called it home ever since.

Cochran doesn’t really have an “off” button. She spends her days caring for people at work, and when she’s not at work, she’s caring for her family at home. She and Cash have three kiddos — Hayden, 9, Sydney, 6, and Harrison, 5, — who keep them busy. If some free time does present itself, Cochran takes advantage of it to spend time with friends and get outdoors.

Jessie Cochran, RN
Nursing Supervisor
Trauma Nurse Coordinator
Latest Employee of the Year

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